Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Keynote Presentation

Time:  3:00 PM

Title:  Getting the Most from Classroom Assessments

Speaker:  Kim Marshall, Author of the Marshall Memo, Educator and Consultant

Description: Assessments are key to addressing three equity issues that bedevil schools: (a) knowledge and skill gaps; (b)  some teachers not taking responsibility for all students learning; and (c) the “Matthew effect” – gaps and accountability problems disproportionately harm students who walk into school with any kind of disadvantage.

This workshop describes how assessments can be used to address those issues:  

  • Leveling the playing field:  Preventing knowledge and skill gaps, fostering a growth mindset,  building students’ self-reliance. 

  • Improving learning in real time:   Spotting and fixing student struggles during lessons,  improving retention through the “retrieval effect”,  leveraging peer instruction.  

  • Shifting the conversation to results:  Generating graphic displays of student learning,  providing substance for teacher team collaboration, helping principals supervise with an eye to learning.

Each of these depends on high-quality assessments, time for teachers to meet, a medium-stakes teaching-and-learning environment, wise supervision and coaching, skillful facilitation, non-defensive reflection, and constant fine-tuning. With these in place, assessments are the key to high levels student learning and closing the achievement gap.

Strand Key





Early Childhood


9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Time to Consult with the NYS Education Department

Child Nutrition

ESSA funded programs

State Assessment

Curriculum and Instruction

Health Services

SEL, Community Schools, Attendance Policies, Code of Conduct, Working Papers

Special Education


Early Childhood Education


12:00 pm - 1:10 pm                         BREAKOUT SESSION #1

  • Best Communication Practices for Dealing with School Stakeholders with Khadijah Jean Price, Ed.D.  

  • Supervising to Success with Monica Smith 

  • Building Strong Parent Community Culture with Gina Karp and Christina Limson-Harvey 

  • Mindfulness Foundations in a School Setting with Erica Ebert

1:30 pm - 2:40 pm                          BREAKOUT SESSION #2

  • School leadership: Flip the dashboard from big data to voices at the margins with Dr. Rosalba Corrado Del Vecchio and Dr. Michael Connell

  • Accelerate Math Schoolwide, Even if you dread it! with Ray Dass

  • College and Career Readiness a more timely perspective with Ronit Carter

  • What does/should ESSA mean to school leaders? with Sima Fish and Rena Fish

  • Should Students Spend 12 Years to Graduate? with Dr. Walid Hawana

4:45 pm - 5:55 pm                          BREAKOUT SESSION #3

  • Practice What You Preach: A Post Pandemic Toolbox for Educators with Emily Cady  

  •  Stress: Use it or Lose it with Sandra Towers

  • New and Novice Teachers Forum - Be the Best with Diana Straut

  • Become: A Transformational Learning Model with Ronit Carter & Neal Capone                    

6:15 pm - 7:25 pm                         BREAKOUT SESSION #4

  • Grading with Equity with Rebecca Shea

  • STEM and Literacy with Liz Gallo

  • How/When to Incorporate Elementary Math into Technology with Jaclyn Morales