Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Keynote Presentations

9:00 am

Title: 21st Century Challenges

Speaker:  Father Joseph McShane, President, Fordham University

Description:  This address will focus on the challenges that religious and independent school teachers are facing in the 21st Century. First, teachers are called to serve (and to inspire) a multitude of communities:  students, fellow teachers, principals, staffs, the families of students (for whom teachers are probably the major and most effective evangelists), and the wider community in which they live and move and have their being.  Second, in the uncertain age in which we find ourselves, teachers are the framers, articulating the value proposition of and for independent education, and speaking to the topic I know best,  education.  The value proposition must be compelling.  It must touch hearts and tickle minds.  It must be convincing to the age in which we live.  An atmosphere that is marked by a rare combination of love and rigor,  emphasizing character formation and offering an excellence that will allow students to succeed on the world’s terms.    In the case of  teachers, it requires the ritual that transforms friends into companions in mission.  It is the embracing and living the mission that is the key to every educator’s success. 

3:00 pm

Title: Bullying in a Post Pandemic World and the Trajectory to Normalcy

Speaker: Jodee Blanco

Description: This session explores the human component of post-crisis management for schools and re-acclimation for both the adults and students. Highlights include: communications strategies and techniques for working through a crisis of any size; SEL tips for teachers and principals; supporting the well-being of teachers: how to anticipate and mitigate new hurdles; what we learned about ourselves and the school during the Covid crisis, and now, looking back at how far we've come, what we need to know moving forward. I'll discuss Expectation Management of parents and students, and also managing our own expectations in the new reality. Covid changed a lot. What changes will remain and what will return to the way it was before? How can teachers and administrators set healthy boundaries with students and parents after many of those boundaries got blurred during the transition to distance learning? How do we harness the future with renewed optimism and grace? This will be a powerful talk that celebrates the courage of every person in attendance and offers an exciting blueprint of action for the coming school year. 

Strand Key





Early Childhood


10:45 am - 11:55 am                       BREAKOUT SESSION #5

  • Loose Parts - Children as Creators with Monica Levy 

  • Leadership Development in High School Students with James Kurloy

  • Students in Crisis, What to Look For with John Connors

  • Exploring Mindfulness to Navigate Stress with Erica Ebert 

  • #Digital Citizenship - Teaching Digital Ethics and Safety with Dr. Christopher Scharbach

  • Representing Word Problems: drawings, tables, actions, and lists Grades 6-12 with Dennis DeSormier

12:30 pm - 1:40 pm                       BREAKOUT SESSION #6

  • Can Educators Thrive? Avoid the 5 Pitfalls and Attain Well Being with Tyler Hester

  • The Best Read Aloud Ever with Monica Levy 

  • Why Won't They Play With Me with Jodee Blanco

  • The Butterfly Effect - Personal Agency and School Climate with Sandra Towers-Halpin

  • The Power of Words: Conflict Resolution with Monica Smith

  • How to effectively support the mental health of your school community with Dr. Haley Watson

  • Formative Assessment with Rebecca Shea

1:45 pm - 2:55 pm                          BREAKOUT SESSION #7

  • Games + Education = SEL with Esther Malka

  • Mind - Body - Move: Supporting Learning Through Movement with Dr. Janet Hon

  • Making the Move Toward Student Creation with Technology with Andy Yauchler

  • Re-imagining Your Classroom Environment with Marie Stamps

  • Using Portfolios in Middle and High School Classrooms with Chris Link

  • STEM and Literacy with Liz Gallo