2020 Workshop PresentationsVideos and Materials

Kenneth B. Morris, Jr.

Presentation video -

History, Human Rights, and the Power of One

Erica Brown

Presentation video - 

Leadership in the Wilderness

Suzie Marder

Presentation video -

Understanding Ourselves - Understanding Our Needs

Ellen Alt

Sketching, creative and visual art options for your curriculum in distance learning, in-person and hybrid classrooms.

Art in the Classroom Planning Document

Art in the Classroom Materials List

George Swain & Marcy Mann

Presentation slides - 

Leading, Managing, and Planning in Time of Uncertainty

Pat McLaughlin

School Leadership: 5 elements to success 

Presentation Slides

Mark Lukert

Presentation video - 

This Little Light of Mine

Liz Locatelli

Presentation video - 

Empowering Secondary Students to Make Sense of Complex Text

Myra Luna Lucero

Presentation video -

Magic Math Minute

Christina Limson-Harvey

Presentation video - 

Beyond the Book Report: How to Use Google Tools to Create a PBL Classroom 

Dr. Joseph Ferrantelli

Presentation video -

Engaging Students in Mathematics in a Virtual Environment

Vincenza Ferrantelli

Presentation video - 

Best Practices for Working with Special Education Students

Dr. Adele Ellis

Presentation video - 

Best Practices for Leading a School in a New Paradigm

Joseph Castellano

New Teacher Induction

Presentation Slides

Walid Hawana

Presentation video - 

Evaluation and Testing in a New Era

Powerpoint presentation 

Alexander Averin

Presentation video -

Leadership in a Time of Crisis

Lori Langer de Ramirez

Presentation video - 

Play and Language Development

Suzanne Pohorence

Presentation slides -

Managing STEM in Your Math Class

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